Contacts & Tickets

Secretary:     Malcolm Carroll

Level Crossing Cottage, Caersws, Powys. SY17 5SF        Tel 07377 631 620

Membership Secretary:     Tony Thorn

The Willows, Trefeglwys Road, Caersws. SY17 5HH Tel 01686 688 092

Treasurer:     Sue Baker

Old Hall, Pontdolgoch, Caersws. SY17 5NJ              Tel 01686 688 595

Chairman:     Glynn Cook


                     Peter Penlington           Tel  01686 688297

                     Dougie Vivers               Mob 07779 001387  (Strictly After 5pm Mon-Fri)

                     Nigel Wigley                  Tel 01686 689155


Premier Store, Caersws;  CostCutter’s Garage, Caersws.


Severn Trent Water Level
Caersws Monitoring Station


Season Ticket Conversion from a Day Ticket.

Any visiting angler wishing to fish but desiring a season ticket, may buy a day ticket and fish but afterwards may apply for a season ticket by –

– submitting the completed application form to the Secretary.(click on link below to open form. Print & Return)

– enclosing the used ticket.

– enclosing the season ticket subscription, discounted by the day ticket price.

– enclosing a stamped addressed envelope, please.

– Cheques should be payable to “Caersws Angling Association”. 

– Only one day ticket discount, which must be for the current season, will be allowed per application.

Click here to print off your 2024/25 season ticket application