All Waters upstream of the sign below the Carno Brook confluence are strictly fly only

(No bait/Spinning Equipment to be taken into the fly only area)

This includes all fishing on the Afon Trannon and Carno Brook.

See specific rules applying to the Carno Brook to meet lease conditions.


Downstream of the sign, below the Carno Brook confluence, to a point marked opposite the old Llys Maldwyn Hospital at Caersws, fly fishing, bait fishing (bait restrictions apply) and spinning are permitted.

No keep nets to be used.

No maggots to be used. No ground baiting of any kind.


Trout from 18th March to 7th October. Size limit 9 inches (22.5 cm). Four fish per day limit.  Do not kill natural fish.

Salmon from 1st February to 7th October. Fly only and artificial lures. No worming up to 15th June and all fish must be returned up to this date.

Grayling from 16th June to 14th March. To be fished for with barbless hooks and to be returned alive. NO GRAYLING TO BE KILLED.


Start on 1st April and expire on 31st March the following year (12months).

Juniors are defined as over 12 and under 16 years of age. Seniors are defined as over 65 for men or over 60 for ladies.


Beware of Overhead Power Cables. These are extremely dangerous.

Always wear a flotation aid when wading. Close gates and leave no litter.

All children under 12 must be accompanied by a responsible, permit holding adult.


The following rules and conditions shall apply to all CAA water on the Carno Brook between Caersws and Pontolgoch. The fishery is unstocked and may only be fished by fly, using barbless hooks and catch and release practice.

Access to be by points shown on the map and there shall be no access to or through Bryn-Derwen land.

Powys County Council have imposed the following conditions on the single bank fishing either side of Wig Lane at Maesteg-

1. Fishing only on the left bank (looking downstream).

2. Access by stiles provided only.

3. No dogs allowed.

4. No parking in Wig lane or in the drives to Wig or Maesteg.

    (however, Mr Hughes of Dolerw has given us leave to park cars in the gated compound immediately

    on the left after crossing Wig railway crossing).

5. No interference with farm stock.

6. No fires/barbeques or camping.

7. Only 20 feet of bank may be used for access.

At Dolerw, Pontolgoch, no cars are to be parked in the farm driveway or at the Farm. The layby on the main road should be used.

Bylaw 11 of the Severn & Trent Rod & Line Bylaws:  The period covers the close season for Salmon and relates to lures and baits for freshwater fish and eels.  Bylaw 11, in part, states that ‘no person shall; iii) in fishing with rod and line for freshwater fish and eels between 8th October and 31st December (both dates inclusive) use live or dead fish baits, worms, prawns, spinners or other artificial lures (except artificial flies) in – the River Severn upstream of Penstrowed railway bridge (SO074911) – all tributaries of the River Severn upstream of Cilcewydd Bridge (SJ228041)’.  This bylaw aims to minimise the accidental or deliberate catching of Salmon by rod and line in the main Salmon spawning areas during the spawning period.  In addition, ‘any person who in fishing for Salmon, Trout, freshwater fish or eels, using as bait crayfish of any species, whether alive or dead or parts thereof, shall be guilty of an offence’.  This is a national bylaw banning crayfish as bait and carries a maximum fine of £2,500.  Maggot baits are not allowed on CAA waters – see CAA rules.